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Heavenly Sword (PS3) – Deflect Bohan attacks

To win the final battle (Redemption) in Heavenly Sword without too much effort we’ve to know how to block and deflect Bohan (Raven King – The Boss) attacks back to him, specially those sent from the air.

Bohan throws two types of projectiles, blue (Speed Stance) and yellow (Power Stance). To deflect this attacks and sent them back to Bohan you’ve to wait until the lightning hits the sword, just when it touch you (Nariko).

  • Blue projectile (Speed stance) – Deflect this attack by pressing Triangle (Speed Stance) in the right moment
  • Orange projectile (Power Stance) – Deflect this attack by pressing R1 + Triangle (Power Stance) in the right moment

Besides, Bohan also throw this projictiles when he’s on the ground. You can block and deflect this attacks too, by using the same technique listed above.

When Bohan is in the air, he also throws ravens. This is a much easir attack to avoid and you can do it by pressing L1 + Square (Long Sword Stance).

When we get the way to deflect the attacks it’s easy to end the game, even in hell mode.

See a Youtube video of how to deflect Bohan attacks.

This games is really good and allow us to spend some gome time playing for Nariko and Kai. Good history and great play mode.