Google Analytics is one of the most powerful analytics tools out there, even though many non technical users think it’s too complex.

To simplify the usage of Google Analytics tracking, I’m working on a enhanced version of the tracker, an addon that can help a lot of non-technical marketeers and web analysts.

The Enhanced Google Analytics (eGA) tracking, as I call it, will track:

  • File Downloads
  • Scroll
  • Time on site
  • External link


How eGA works?

eGA uses GA events to measure all the micro actions:

Real time events for eGA


How to install eGA?

You can just add the following script to the end of the page, before closing the body (</body>):

<script src=”ega.min.js” defer=”defer”></script>

I used the defer attribute to be completely async and we could think to put it in the head, but I’m asking to put it in the footer anyway to be sure that it doesn’t delay your website.

eGA allow you to set the domain and the time interval:

<script src=”ega.min.js?″ defer=”defer”></script>


Download the beta version: Enhanced Google Analytics minified version

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