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Getting “No audio files” in your car stereo with iPhone?

Recently, I was surprised by a “No audio files” issue that prevented me to push any sound to my car stereo system using the USB cable. It was working fine before and It works fine by Bluetooth, but in a car with Waze or other mapping tools and music playing without charging is bad.


  • √ It was working great before
  • √ iPhone works fine with Bluetooth
  • √ Other iPhones work fine, so no problem with the car stereo
  • X I can get power with connected through USB, but no audio is playing in the stereo.

The problem

After a few weeks, I decided to dig a little bit and look for the issue and do some tests.

I found that for car stereos, connecting through USB is really like a USB, the device needs to have media, and that on iPhones means music in the Music App. So, my problem was that I offload the Music App on iPhone, so no more media was available for the connection. After plug the iPhone it gets an error on the car stereo.

During this analysis, I found that other issues can happen with your connection of your iPhone with your car stereo:

  • Your Music App isn’t installed or active
  • You don’t have any media in your Music App
  • Your cable is damaged and won’t charge or play music

Note: If you have car play, probably you won’t get this issue. This is for simple car stereos.

I found this issue on a Nissan Qashqai connecting an iPhone X with iOS 14.6, but saw similar issues on Mazda car stereos and other iPhone versions.

The solution

Make sure your cable is in good shape and you have Music App with some music on your iPhone.

Enhanced Google Analytics tracking (beta)

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful analytics tools out there, even though many non technical users think it’s too complex.

To simplify the usage of Google Analytics tracking, I’m working on a enhanced version of the tracker, an addon that can help a lot of non-technical marketeers and web analysts.

The Enhanced Google Analytics (eGA) tracking, as I call it, will track:

  • File Downloads
  • Scroll
  • Time on site
  • External link


How eGA works?

eGA uses GA events to measure all the micro actions:

Real time events for eGA


How to install eGA?

You can just add the following script to the end of the page, before closing the body (</body>):

<script src=”ega.min.js” defer=”defer”></script>

I used the defer attribute to be completely async and we could think to put it in the head, but I’m asking to put it in the footer anyway to be sure that it doesn’t delay your website.

eGA allow you to set the domain and the time interval:

<script src=”ega.min.js?″ defer=”defer”></script>


Download the beta version: Enhanced Google Analytics minified version

How to update an extension with OpenCart installer

OpenCart installer is a great tool to install new extensions on OpenCart. However, if you have modifications in the extension it could become difficult to update it.


Unable to update an extension because ID already exists.


To update your extension using opencart installer follow this steps:

  1. Go to Extension > Modifications
  2. Remove the extension you want to update
  3. Go to Extension > Installer
  4. Update your new version of the extension
  5. Click on continue when the list of files show up
  6. Go to Extension > Modifications and hit refresh just to make sure

That’s all, I hope it can help you.

Como alterar o servidor IMAP no Mail do Mac?

Alterar o servidor de IMAP ou POP3 no Mail do Mac parece ser uma tarefa básica, mas infelizmente nem sempre e a última versão deste sistema operativo adicionou uma funcionalidade que complica um pouco essa alteração.

Se tem o Mac OSX  10.10 (Yosemite) e pretender alterar o servidor IMAP ou POP3 vai deparar-se com o servidor a cinza, impossível de editar. Isto deve-se ao facto desta versão ter uma funcionalidade de atualização e gestão automática das configurações da conta de e-mail.

Ativar edição do servidor de IMAP e POP3 em 10 segundos

1. Na definição de uma conta na aplicação Mail, vá ao separador Avançado e retire a seleção da primeira caixa (checkbox).

Retirar gestão automática da configuração do servidor IMAP e POP3 no Mail do Mac

2. Mude de conta ou feche a janela para guardar a alteração e já está.


Alterar o servidor IMAP em três passos

1. Ir às preferências da aplicação Mail e escolher o separador Contas

Configurar servidor IMAP e POP3 no Mail do Mac

2. Na conta que pretender, verifique se o servidor IMAP ou POP3 está cinza. Se estiver, vá ao separador (tab) Avançado e retire a seleção da primeira caixa.

Retirar gestão automática da configuração do servidor IMAP e POP3 no Mail do Mac

3. Altere o servidor de IMAP ou POP3 para o que pretender. Verifique se tem de fazer mais alguma configuração, como alterar portas.

Configurar servidor IMAP e POP3 no Mail do Mac

Se quiser testar, abra em Window > Connection Doctor para verificar se está a fazer corretamente a ligação.

Como remover a password do iPhone?

Já lhe aconteceu esquecer-se da password do seu iPhone? Se não ainda bem, mas para o caso de acontecer fica aqui o que é necessário fazer para recuperar um iPhone bloqueado.

Remover a password e fazer reset ao iPhone:

  1. Ligue o iTunes;
  2. Conecte o iPhone ao computador;
  3. Pressione o botão Home (botão redondo) e o botão Power durante 10 segundos até que o equipamento se desligue;
  4. Mantenha o botão Home pressionado até receber um alerta do iTunes a informar que o equipamento está em modo de recuperação;
  5. Agora que o equipamento está em modo de recuperação basta seleccionar a opção restaurar o iPhone.

Detectado modo de recuperação do iPhone

Atenção: Esta solução não mantém a a informação guardada, em vez disso limpa por completo o equipamento, obrigando a realizar a recuperação dos dados de um backup.

Este procedimento funciona em iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch ou iPad Mini. Não experimentei nem encontrei informação sobre o seu funcionamento em iPad.

Take snapshot, record movie and share it with Jing

JingJing is a free software that allow us to take snapshots and record video from our screen.
Besides, this great software have a excellent share feature with direct upload to Flickr, or another server throw FTP support.
We can also save our visuals to a local file or to clipboard.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS X, it is the a great solution for personal and professional use.

Great features:

  • Take screen pictures from window, pane or region;
  • Add visual effects to your images to explain something by highlight, adding text or figures (arrow and rectangle)
  • Jing saves the images in a PNG file;
  • Record an onscreen video from a window or a region (in the free version it records only 5 minutes);
  • Add voice comments on the fly;
  • Save your movies in SWF or MPEG4 (PRO version only)
  • Share your files directly to Flickr, Youtube, another server via FTP, save it in a local file or copy to clipboard;

How to use it?

Take a screen picture

It’s very easy and effective.

  1. Use the hotkey or mouse over the sun and click capture
  2. Select one of the supported modes: window, pane or region (select the region)
  3. Share your image

Good enough? Not for Jing. After taking the picture, Jing has a great feature where we can highlight, add text, arrows or rectangles.

Now we have the image, just share or save it in your computer.

Record an onscreen video

Taking a picture was easy? Record a video is easy too.

  • Start capture mode like with the hotkey or with a mouse click
  • Select what you want to record (window or region)
  • Do whatever you want in the chosen region
  • You can add voice comments on the fly
  • Save your movie as an SWF file or a MPEG4 one (only in the PRO version)

More information on Jing’s Website


Heavenly Sword (PS3) – Deflect Bohan attacks

To win the final battle (Redemption) in Heavenly Sword without too much effort we’ve to know how to block and deflect Bohan (Raven King – The Boss) attacks back to him, specially those sent from the air.

Bohan throws two types of projectiles, blue (Speed Stance) and yellow (Power Stance). To deflect this attacks and sent them back to Bohan you’ve to wait until the lightning hits the sword, just when it touch you (Nariko).

  • Blue projectile (Speed stance) – Deflect this attack by pressing Triangle (Speed Stance) in the right moment
  • Orange projectile (Power Stance) – Deflect this attack by pressing R1 + Triangle (Power Stance) in the right moment

Besides, Bohan also throw this projictiles when he’s on the ground. You can block and deflect this attacks too, by using the same technique listed above.

When Bohan is in the air, he also throws ravens. This is a much easir attack to avoid and you can do it by pressing L1 + Square (Long Sword Stance).

When we get the way to deflect the attacks it’s easy to end the game, even in hell mode.

See a Youtube video of how to deflect Bohan attacks.

This games is really good and allow us to spend some gome time playing for Nariko and Kai. Good history and great play mode.