Reiniciar o iPhone [pt]

January 27th, 2009 7 Comments

Aparentemente não há forma de forçar um iPhone a reiniciar (reboot). Acontece que, tal como em todos os equipamentos electrónicos, por vezes estes param e deixam de dar resposta aos inputs do exterior (crash).

Na realidade é possível fazer o iPhone reiniciar através da pressão de dois botões ao mesmo tempo. Para reiniciar o iPhone pressione o botão de acordado/suspenso localizado no canto superior direito e o botão de inicio presente no centro do equipamento ao mesmo tempo. Verá o ecrã a ficar branco e quando surgir a maça pode largar os botões.

Bom é não haver a necessidade de usar esta técnica, mas fica aqui a nota para o caso de ser necessário.

Se necessitar de outros truques para o iPhone visite

There are several ways to do a page refresh or redirect it to a new one. It can be done in the client side, with HTML or a script language, or in the server side with PHP or in the server configuration directly. The most simple way is using the HTML to tell to the […]

Making site backup on Linux

September 20th, 2008 1 Comment

Last week i had to make backup’s of some websites through the Linux shell. I usually don’t have to make server administration and i don’t remember all the linux commands that I needed to do the job, then i decided to make this post for future task guide. When I say backup a site, i […]

Usually i use phpMyAdmin to configure, change and import/export my databases. However, recently, one of my databases went so big that it i have some problems to export or import it. The solutions is doing it with the Linux shell.

Linux shell can be very painful but can be the solution either. Using it to import or export MySQL databases can be a better and easier way. With shell we can backup all our databases and download only one file, or we can set up a cron job that do backup according to a defined schedule. Another major advantage is the possibility of import large SQL dump files (the phpMyAdmin has a limit).

Regular Expressions are a powerful and effective way to do searches and replaces in a String. With this feature we can do complex validations in only a few lines of code. However, when dealing with really complex expressions it can be harder to use, specially when we code in different languages, like PHP, JavaScript, ASP.Net, and other.

JavaScript allow us to use Regular Expressions in two different ways. We can do it with a literal expression, or with the RegEx Object. The major difference between this two ways is that with the Object we can change the expression at runtime. However, when we use literal regular expressions we achieve better results, because the literal expressions are compiled at load time and provides better performance.

Yesterday I was planing a CronScript to run every night and do some processing tasks. I was coding over Code Igniter (CI) and had my application structured to fit the MVC model. CronScripts are usually small scripts that do some maintenance to the database, send e-mails, clean cache files, generate reports and other periodic tasks […]

In Web developing there are some main features and many concerns that we all must be aware. The file uploading is one of the important and indispensible features that we certainly will use sooner or later. I’m sure that many of you have had troubles when uploading files that have names with special chars, especially […]

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