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Today there are so many blogs that if you want to let people know that you have one, you must try to optimize it. Sometimes this optimization is right in front of our eyes and small changes can make a difference. In this post i’ll give some advice to improve your wordpress blogs index position in search engines. However, this are not proved actions to improve blog indexing, but are some SEO improvements discussed in SEO world.


Permalink is the permanent URL of your blog pages. This is the URL that visitors will see and that other web bloggers can use to refer a post of your blog. WordPress allow the configuration of the URL format. It offers different options, some of then very ugly and not well accepted by search engines. However, you can define your own format. This way you can either have a good and simple URL and a format that the spiders (search engines bots) like and extract your keywords from it.

The format that i choose to my blog and that i recommend is the “/%category%/%postname%”. The result is a simple and friendly URL that is parsed by the spiders. This bots get the keywords in the URL using them to define your pages value. If you’ve a URL with the date of the post or with a code what the meaning of the URL?

Visit WordPress permalink page

Post and category slug

To complete the benefit of permalinks, the WordPress allows you to choose the name that appear in the URL for each post or category. With post and category slugs you can define a much friendly URL. By default, the WordPress put your post title separated with ‘-‘. Some keywords are not necessary and can be removed. This way you can define your category and post parts of the URL format defined above.

Meta Tag

Another step to improve your blog value to the spiders, is defining some meta tags. Beside the definition of the page title, one of the most important information, we must define the description, the keywords, and other tags.

Bold fields

Some SEO professionals says that we must put strong tags on the keywords that we want to highlight either to the users an to the spiders.

5 thoughts on “WordPress blogs SEO”

  1. In fact, it’s hard to maintain a website on the 1st position of a search engine. The rules change frequently and the concurrence, in some cases, will try to be there to. The first rule on this task is still updated.

    However, if you do a good SEO to your website you can achieve it. At least, with a good and continuously SEO, you can stay on the first two pages of the search engine where it’s proved that the click taxes are very much higher and still working for reach the top.

    It’s a dynamic task that makes it harder but with skills and patience you can reach it.

  2. Like I said, SEO is a hard job. However it has it’s glory moments. Recently, the website http://aesthetic.ws4.org has reached the first pages of Google in some keywords, like the English word aesthetic, that have a lot of other websites dealing for it.

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