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Take snapshot, record movie and share it with Jing

JingJing is a free software that allow us to take snapshots and record video from our screen.
Besides, this great software have a excellent share feature with direct upload to Flickr, screencast.com or another server throw FTP support.
We can also save our visuals to a local file or to clipboard.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS X, it is the a great solution for personal and professional use.

Great features:

  • Take screen pictures from window, pane or region;
  • Add visual effects to your images to explain something by highlight, adding text or figures (arrow and rectangle)
  • Jing saves the images in a PNG file;
  • Record an onscreen video from a window or a region (in the free version it records only 5 minutes);
  • Add voice comments on the fly;
  • Save your movies in SWF or MPEG4 (PRO version only)
  • Share your files directly to Flickr, Youtube, another server via FTP, save it in a local file or copy to clipboard;

How to use it?

Take a screen picture

It’s very easy and effective.

  1. Use the hotkey or mouse over the sun and click capture
  2. Select one of the supported modes: window, pane or region (select the region)
  3. Share your image

Good enough? Not for Jing. After taking the picture, Jing has a great feature where we can highlight, add text, arrows or rectangles.

Now we have the image, just share or save it in your computer.

Record an onscreen video

Taking a picture was easy? Record a video is easy too.

  • Start capture mode like with the hotkey or with a mouse click
  • Select what you want to record (window or region)
  • Do whatever you want in the chosen region
  • You can add voice comments on the fly
  • Save your movie as an SWF file or a MPEG4 one (only in the PRO version)

More information on Jing’s Website